Saturday, September 10, 2011

More August Pics

My girls sure love each other...Makenzie can't keep her eyes off of Taylor, and Taylor can't help but cuddle her every chance she gets. This usually means Makenzie gets a mouth full of hair, but she's a pretty good sport about it.

Taylor was happy in these pics...Kenzie, not so much :)

I often catch Taylor prying open Makenzie's hands to put toys in them, so it's not unusual to find her like this :)

She looks so much like Taylor did at this age, it's amazing! The shape of her eyes is a little different, but I have a feeling I will have a hard time keeping their baby pictures straight!

Makenzie LOVES to stick out her tongue. She does it all the time, especially at daddy :)

Big yawn!

Still working on how to hold baby sister ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

August 2011: A Picture Recap

Taylor reading to her baby sister and her Elmo...they both seem very into it :)

Taylor wants as much cuddle time with mommy as she can get.

Two blue-eyed babies.

Makenzie at 6 weeks old.

Sleeping through church.

She loves the warm water in her bath.

She smiled for the first time at 6 and a half sweet!

Gotta love the'll be seeing lots of it, friends.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

July 2011: Makenzie Joins the Family

Well, as promised, here are some more cute pictures of my girls. Taylor is a VERY good big sister. She helps me change Makenzie by picking out which diaper she will wear and, get this...she throws away the dirty diaper for me! Talk about a dream child.

The only thing we struggle with is that Taylor wants all of mommy's attention whenever I am nursing Makenzie...which just happens to be all the time! Makenzie enjoys her meals, often eating every 90 minutes, which means mommy has a lot less hands for taking care of big sister. That's been the hardest adjustment...feeling like I have to put Makenzie's needs over Taylor's wants. Overall, they are still cute little playmates :)

The girls playing bubbles together. Taylor insisted that Makenzie hold a bubble wand, too (the green thing in her hand).

Taylor's version of a smile these days :)

Kisses for baby sister

Notice a pattern? Taylor LOVES to lay down next to Makenzie and often asks, "Is this a good picture?" reminding me to break out the camera.

Okay, I am OBSESSED with her dimple. I always wanted my kids to get Blake's dimples, and Makenzie managed to do it! Way to go, baby.

Taylor enjoying her presents from Makenzie...a lollipop (since she kept insisting that Makenzie was going to bring one home from the hospital for her) and some bracelets.

Grabbing a handful of that feathery, dark hair.

I think she kind of looks like a monkey when she's awake...a very cute monkey, of course :)

Love the peaceful sleep of a newborn :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

More Hospital Pics and First Week Home

I know these are LONG overdue, but I have been so busy enjoying my baby, I haven't really cared about blogging pictures of her. She is a sweet, cuddly little girl, and we are all very much in love with her already.

Here we are cuddling...I couldn't get enough of that little face.

Makenzie with her twin cousins, Lyla and June, who were born in February.

The ride home from the hospital.

Taylor loves to share her toys with "Kenz" (as she likes to call her).

What a difference 2 years make!

Sleepy baby...looks EXACTLY like Taylor did at this age.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Makenzie Leigh Hagen

Makenzie Leigh Hagen. Born 7/11/11 at 9:01am. 6 lb. 5 oz. 18 inches long.

With mommy for the first time. Emily pushed just 4 times. Pushing lasted less than 10 mins.


Tay came to visit. Had fun holding Makenzie.

Taylor thought Mak wanted a fist-bump so she gave her one.

And then she blew it up.

The Hagen family. 7/11/11.